Stone City Headquarters – Granulati Zandobbio

The multi-purpose building is a highly recognisable landmark with special focus on bordering highway users and themes related to the business. It is a building only marginally intended to house the corporate offices and instead focus on hosting events thus becoming the soul of the entire group. An identified plot of land is included in the building area as an entrance portal and hub for customer/user viability and material loading/unloading vehicle viability. The building, up to three storeys high, is characterised by the great flexibility of the internal spaces and, preferably, by dry construction technologies. A large two-storey entrance hall plays the role of a multi-purpose space for large events hosting up to 300 people with the possibility to expand outdoors in the summer. The indoor lobby will therefore naturally continue and extend to an outdoor area, a square, able to welcome visitors even before entering the building.

Team: r-keystudio