Roccamandolfi Castle – Diffused Hotel

There are places which belong to the inner being. There are destinations first engraved into the unreal…then on a map. Architectures of the soul, capable of helping us escape from our everyday life and freeing us from space and time. Castles are among the architectures that can, in a more pronounced way, whisper to the heart of human beings. Located in a fairytale landscape, the Castle of Roccamandolfi seems to come out from the ancient legends of chivalry. A medieval fragment which encompasses the ancient times and can still fascinate with its longstanding charm.  Let people get swept away by the charm of this abandoned fortress. To conceive a fabulous accommodation facility, plunged into a majestic nature and set among the traces of an impressive castle. A dream place, capable of inspiring the imagination of every tourist who visits and offering a timeless holiday. All wrapped up by the comfort of modern life mixed in with ancient remains.

Team: r-keystudio + marco ansalone